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Ice Fishing Store in Northern MN

We have winter bait suited for the area lakes and the time of year you’re fishing on them. From shiners, and fatheads to sucker minnows. We’ll even throw in some oxygen to keep the little swimmers alive for you. We have everything you need to fish and be out in the elements! We offer a wide range of tackle and ice fishing equipment, including top of the line rods and reels, tip ups, rattle reels, augers, winter bibs/jackets, tackle boxes, bait containers and nets. There’s plenty of fishing "bling" to capture the attention of that trophy fish. We have the tried and true and offer some of the latest technology from quality manufacturers. We also carry campfire wood, propane, and fish/hunting licenses. We have staff on hand who fish, hunt and love the outdoors so we can help you have the best experience at Kabetogama as possible.

Phone: 218.875.3841
Email: kaboutdoors@gmail.com

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